Looklet has invented a unique technology, specifically designed for large retail and fashion companies who face the challenge of photographing a rapidly increasing volume of clothes for their e-com solutions. Looklet technology has deconstructed the traditional photo shoot and pieced it back together in an industrialized manner, without compromising the quality.

Cut costs and streamline
your image production

E-com fashion companies handle an endless amount of pictures every day. Photo shoots include planning and preparations with specific locations, models and large teams of special competence. Our technology will dramatically reduce time and money on photo shoots by streamlining your image production.

All of your garments and accessories go through shooting and postproduction individually. The products are then combined with models and assembled into looks in our software. Models can be picked from our model image bank free of charge. Or if you wish to use your own models, they are easily implemented in your library.

Create hi-res fashion images
with endless possibilities

Using Looklet software you can create endless combinations of your processed items on any model of your choice. You control everything from styling down to model facial expressions. You also have the possibility to change scenes and add effects to match your styling. It’s easy to change styles on your images to promote different types of sales.

When you are satisfied with your look, it’s exported instantly in various hi-res images with just a click. This procedure opens up for a very flexible and stand-by way of work. It allows you to easily update an existing image, replacing a sold out item with one in that’s in stock.